Zakynthos Animal Welfare Fund Legal Charity ZAWF

Zakynthos Animal Welfare Fund Legal Charity ZAWF

The Zakynthian Animal Welfare Fund is an association for the protection of stray animals found in 2000.

Our aims are :

The care and welfare of domestic or stray animals of all species, the protection from whichever kind of mistreatment, the assurance of a good quality of life and health as well as the control of their population by means of sterilization.
To inform the public as well as to increase the level of compassion regarding the welfare and protection of animals.

We arrange sterilisations, we provide veterinary care and we foster stray animals until they are adopted by animal-friendly families. We educate the local citizens and in particular the schools on animal welfare. All the responsibilities have been divided in such a way, so as to be most effective.

Volunteer feeders visit the various locations and feed (food is provided by ZAWF) the animals, while also inspecting them.

In case of a problem regarding the health of an animal, the emergency team is contacted so as to help the animal as quickly as possible.

The emergency team’s task is to transport sick or injured animals to the vet. ZAWF sees to the treatment of the animals as well as foster home relocations until their recovery.

An additional task is the sterilization of mostly female strays in hopes of reducing the number of animals born in the street.

Another team of volunteers has taken on the responsibility of finding new homes for the strays

Yet another team of volunteers organizes Sunday car boot sales in order to finance the above stated projects.

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